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12V DC portable car shower

Portable shower is absolutely necessary during a car journey or during long trips by lorry,boats and other motor vehicles, having it you will rarely dream about civilization and will less suffer from  long way severities

Electric pump of the portable shower is connected up to vehicle-borne(12v).using a supply-line adapterthe portable shower could be used in a summerhouse and even at home

we recommend connecting the electric pump when the engine is engaging to avoid accumulator discharging

-ideal for taking on camping holidays,boating,4 wheel driving,caravanning or any kinds of leisure activities

-you may find how great this portable shower is when you need to wash your walking boots or showering your dog after a muddy walk

-an ideal solution to your water conservation needs when it comes to out door water used as there is a water flow control buttom on the shower head





Post time: Sep-12-2018